Winning Solutions was founded in 2000 by two former Parker Brothers/Milton Bradley/Hasbro Games employees, who together have a combined 64 years experience in the Toy and Game Industry:

  • Dana Silva: President
  • Mike Doyle: General Manager

The key to the success of Winning Solutions is their creativity in designing and developing products. The creative team is led by:

  • Dan DeOreo: Director of Product Design
  • Kerry Addis: Graphic Design Manager

The mission of Winning Solutions is to create stylish, custom, and deluxe edition games that deliver a unique gameplay experience to the consumer.

Winning Solutions is an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of unique versions of classic Hasbro brands like Monopoly®, Scrabble®, Clue®, Yahtzee®, and others. Winning Solutions has collaborated with Hasbro to bring over 200 of these special edition games to Market. In addition, Winning Solutions has partnered with key retailers like LLBean, Restoration Hardware, Frontgate Catalog, Tween Brands, and others to develop exclusive co-branded product. It is our goal to constantly work to bring the most stylish, creative, and quality product to market.

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