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Cat in the Hat-opoly is a wonderful game,
You can play in a house... you can play in a train.
The Cat sure is there, with his hat and philosophy,
and you can be certain, this is just like Monopoly.

With dice and cards and tokens! oh, wheee!
This game was first published in two-thousand three.
And if you land where you're hung to dry,
remember, this was published by Late for the Sky.

-Dr. SWS (Sings-With-Spirits)

Publisher's Sales Review

Another Monopoly-inspired game. Colorful, fun-looking board with game pieces depicting the Cat in the Hat, Sallie, Nevins, the Fish, Conrad, Thing 1&2.
"Fun in a box" and "Cat's Hat" replace houses and hotels. Start on "All the fun you want" (i.e. this version's "GO").
Again, this is a very nice looking board, and those who have a fondness for Seuss' characters (or kids' storybook characters in general) will probably really enjoy this game.
Game makes references to movie tie-in.