Monopoly: Cambridge Edition is an variant of the classic boardgame published in 2004 by Winning Moves Games, featuring locations within the eponymous English city.

Publisher's Description

"Monopoly - Cambridge Cities, towns, counties and now, even football clubs are celebrated through these special editions of this classic family game. Featuring many of the region's most famous landmarks and cultural icons, they make wonderful gifts, souvenirs of a trip, or great family fun with a local flavour."

The properties

  • Brown: Histon Road, Parkers Piece
  • Light blue: Hills road, Cheddars Lane, Bateman Street
  • Purple: Milton Road, Grantchester Road, Abbey stadium
  • Orange: Market Square, Rose Crescent, Castle Mound
  • Red: St Edward's Passage, Duxford, Sydney Street
  • Yellow: ??, Betjeman House, Newmarket Road
  • Green: Fenners, Wheeler Street, University of Cambridge
  • Dark Blue: Fitzwilliam Museum, Kings College Chapel
  • Stations: Cambridge Airport, Cambridge Station, The Backs, Drummer Street Bus Station.