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Monopoly Builder is the Monopoly edition that the players will build the buildings on Monopoly Island. Players will use different types of resources to build many floors (stories) of buildings. Players will gather and trade resources strategically to build quickly. Players build to accumulate points for scoring. This game can be played with 2-4 players.

Game Contents


  • Gameboard
    • The buildings will be built on Monopoly Island in the middle of this gameboard.
  • 4 Tokens and their affiliated colors
    • Penguin (red)
    • Hazel the Cat (purple)
    • T-Rex (green)
    • Rubber Ducky (yellow)
  • 4 Reference Cards
    • Each token has their own reference card and color.
  • 16 Title Deed cards
  • 20 Chance cards
    • 2 "Get out of Jail free."
    • 3 "FORCED TRADE!"
    • There are NO Community Chest cards in this edition.
  • 2 Builder’s Bonus Cards
    • 1 Community Builder card
    • 1 Billionaire Builder card
    • These cards are always shown when playing so that all players can see these cards.
  • 80 cardboard Resource chips
    • 4 colors, 20 per each color
      • Red: Dump Truck
      • Purple: Crane
      • Green: Excavator
      • Yellow: Boat
  • 48 plastic Builder’s Blocks
    • 4 colors, 12 per each color
    • Corresponds to an affiliated color of a token
  • 1 plastic Penthouse
    • When this is built, the game will end.
  • 2 Dice
  • Money
    • 6 Denominations
      • Denomination of $1 is not present in this edition

Starting the Game

Give $900 to each player.

  • Consisting of 1 $500 bill, 3 $100 bills, 1 $50 bill, 1 $20 bill, 2 $10 bills, and 2 $5 bills.

Each player takes a token. Each player has a reference card corresponding to their token. Each player starts with 4 resources shown on their reference card to match the affiliated color. Each player will have their builder’s blocks of their affiliated color (12 for each player).

The Title Deed cards can be placed near their properties, or they can be kept by the Bank.

The Chance cards are shuffled and placed onto a deck facedown. This card deck should be reachable by all players.

The 2 Builder’s Bonus Card are placed faceup for the duration of the game so that all players will see 2 objectives in these cards.

  • These bonus cards will be applied at the end of the game.

The unused money and resources will be kept in the Bank.

Each player rolls the dice to determine on who goes first. The highest roller gets to go first.

Player’s Turn

When it is your turn, follow these 7 steps in order.

Step 1

At the start of your turn, you can have up to 6 resources. If you have more than 6, choose any extras and drop them on your current board space. These dropped resources can be picked up when a player reaches these resources on that board space.

Step 2

Roll the dice.

  • But do not move your token just yet.

Step 3

Collect resources based on a dice roll and Title Deeds.

All players can collect resources based on the Title Deeds that they own. If a player has a Title Deed (1 or more) that matches a dice roll in Step 2, they will collect a number of resources of a resource type.

If a player rolls a 6, all players collect resources based on their reference cards.

Step 4

Move your token. Follow the rules of a board space that you have landed.

  • If you reach a board space that has resources on it, pick them up and they’re yours.

Step 5

If you like, you can trade resources and/or properties in a deal with other players.

You can also trade 4 of one type of resources for 1 of a different type with the Bank.

Step 6

Build as many floors as you like with the resources that you have currently.

  • You can build on your existing building or build a new one.

Step 7

Your turn ends. Pass the dice to a player on your left.

Rolling Doubles

If you roll a double in Step 2, follow Steps 3 & 4 (but do not go to Step 5). Take another turn by rolling the dice again (that’s “another” Step 2).

  • Do not drop your resources, even though you have more than 6, because you roll a double.

If you roll a double for the 2nd time, follow Steps 3 & 4 (but do not go to Step 5). Roll again in Step 2 for the 3rd time.

  • Again, do not drop your resources.

If you roll a double for the 3rd time, you have 3 doubles and you go immediately to Jail. Complete Step 3 for any players (including you) to earn resources. However, do not complete the 3rd turn, so do not follow Steps 4-7.

If you do not roll a double on your 2nd or 3rd roll, follow Steps 3-7 and end your turn after doing Step 7.



The gameboard consists of only 32 board spaces.

  • This is 8 fewer than regular Monopoly.

Board Spaces

Collect 2 Resources

Take 2 resources of a resource type shown on that board space from the Bank.

Roll for Resources

Roll the dice (reroll) to determine the resource type that you receive from the Bank. Collect 2 of a type you rolled.

Steal 1 Resource

You may steal 1 resource of any type from another player.

  • You do not have to do it if you do not want to.

Take the top card from the Chance card draw deck.

Some cards say “Keep this card until you’re ready to use it.”. If you pick up such card, you can keep it facedown until you are using it.

Other cards do not say such phrase, so they are for immediate use. If you pick up an “immediate use” card, say the action and perform that action on that card.

After using a Chance card, put it back on the bottom of the Chance card draw deck.


When you reach this corner space, collect $200.

Just Visiting / In Jail

If you go to this corner space from the 1st side of a gameboard, you land on the “Just Visiting” area (not landing “In Jail”).

Free Parking

When you land in this corner space, you may trade 2 of your resources of one type to get 1 of a different type from the Bank.

  • You can trade as many times as you want.
  • You do not have to trade if you don’t want to.
Go to Jail

When you land on this corner space, immediately move your token to the “In Jail” area on the opposite corner space. Do not collect $200 for passing GO. Your turn is then over.

  • Even though you roll a 1st or 2nd double, landing in this corner space will effectively end your turn. Therefore, you CANNOT get another turn.

Property Title Deed card with details on rents, resources, a number rolled to get those resources, and builder points.


There are 16 properties, all of them are streets. Each color set (all 8 of them) has 2 streets.

Properties are valuable because they give you access to collect more resources when a number in a Property Title Deed matches a dice roll.

NOTE: You are still able to build buildings even though you have no properties in your possession.

Unowned Properties

If you land on a property that is unowned, you either buy it or auction it.

  • You cannot decline both options.

If you want that property, just pay the purchase price of that property shown on the board.


If you don’t want to buy that property or you don’t have enough money, that property must be put up for auction.

All players can bid on an auction. Bidding starts at $10. A bid can increase by as little as $5. Players keep on bidding until no one is willing to increase the bid any further. If the time is up to bid, the highest bidder has to pay the highest bid to get a property auctioned.

If nobody wants to bid in an auction and the time is up, a property just being auctioned will still be unowned back to the Bank.

Owned Properties

If you land on a property space but there is no Title Deed card, that means that a player already owns that property.


If you land on a property that is owned by somebody else, you have to pay rent only if the owner asks you to pay. If the owner does not ask after your turn is over, you don’t have to pay.

Earning Resources

If you have a property, you can a right to earn resources. When any player rolls a number that matches a number shown on a property, you get 2 pieces of a type of resource shown on that property.

  • You can earn more resources from multiple properties if a number rolled matches a number shown on those properties.

This action should be performed after a player (including you) rolls the dice. This is Step 3.


You can mortgage your property to raise money for yourself (especially when you are “in debt”).

To mortgage, flip your property Title Deed card facedown and get the money shown on a mortgage from the Bank. You still own that property.

When your property is currently mortgaged, you cannot collect rent and you cannot earn resources from that property.

To unmortgage, pay to the Bank the amount to unmortgage and flip your property Title Deed card faceup. After unmortgaging, you are able to collect rent and to earn resources from that property.

Color Set

If you have 2 properties in a single color group, you own a color set. Owning a color set means higher rewards.

The rent will be doubled for a property.

  • Although one property is mortgaged while the other one is not, you can still collect double rent on that unmortgaged property.

Also, you will receive additional builder points at the end of a game for having a color set.

  • If you own just 1 property in a color set, you will not receive a single point on just that one property.

NOTE: There are no additional rewards on resources even though you have a color set.


Going to Jail

You go to Jail if any 3 events happen to you:

  • (a) You land on the “Go to Jail” corner space.
  • (b) You pick up a Chance card that says “Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail.”
  • (c) You roll doubles three times in a row.

NOTE: Even though you roll a double but you go to Jail, you CANNOT get another turn.

You place your token in the orange section in the “In Jail” corner space.

While "In Jail"

While “In Jail”, you can still do these things:

  • Collecting rent on your properties.
  • Mortgaging your properties.
  • Participating in auctions.
  • Doing deals & trades.
  • Collecting resources.

However, you CANNOT build your buildings while “In Jail”.

When you stay in Jail, you do not drop your resources.

Getting out of Jail

You can get out of Jail by any of these:

  • (a) Pay $50. Then roll and move as usual.
    • After paying a fine, follow Steps 1-7. Drop any excess resources in the “Just Visiting” section.
    • If you roll doubles, you can take another turn.
  • (b) Use the “Get out of Jail Free” Chance card. Then roll and move as usual.
    • You can make a deal with another player that has such card.
    • After using a card, follow Steps 1-7. Drop any excess resources in the “Just Visiting” section.
    • If you roll doubles, you can take another turn.
  • (c) Attempt to roll doubles. You have 3 attempts to get doubles.
    • If you are successful, you get out of Jail for free; however, you CANNOT reroll but you must move your token.
      • After rolling a double successfully, drop any excess resources in the “Just Visiting” section mentioned in Step 1. Then, follow Steps 3-7.
        • Do not follow Step 2 because you cannot reroll.
    • If you don’t get doubles by 3 turns, pay $50 to get out. Then, you actually can reroll and take your turn as normal.
      • Follow Steps 1-7. Drop any excess resources in the “Just Visiting” section.
    • NOTE: If you want to have multiple turns by doubles, follow (a) instead.
      • Getting out of Jail for free by rolling a double on a dice roll will NOT let you take another turn.

Deals & Trades

You can buy, sell, or trade properties and/or resources with other players during Step 5.

Properties and/or resources can be traded for cash, other properties, other resources, and/or “Get Out of Jail Free” Chance cards. The negotiable amount is decided and agreed by the players making the deal.

Mortgaged property can also be done in a deal. A new owner can repay the mortgage to unmortgage a property or can keep the mortgage on that property for now.

Trading Resources with the Bank

You can also make a deal with the Bank for resources.

You may give 4 of one type of resources to the Bank to receive 1 of a different type.

  • If you land on Free Parking, you may give just 2 of one type of resources to receive 1 of a different type.
    • This is done in Step 4 (instead of Step 5).

You can make as many resource transactions with the Bank as you want in your turn.

In Debt & Bankruptcy

If you don’t have enough money to pay for rent or any penalties, you are in debt. When in debt, you can raise money by mortgaging your properties.

If you still do not have enough money and all of your properties are mortgaged, you are considered bankrupt. However, you are NOT OUT of the game, so you can still play.

  • If you owe to a player for rent, give all of your properties, resources, and Chance cards to that player.
  • If you owe to the Bank for any fees or penalties, give all of your assets to the Bank. The properties will be unowned and all mortgages will be canceled. All Chance cards will be placed back on the bottom of the Chance card draw deck. The given resources will be returned to the resource tray.



Resources are valuable in this game. Resources are used to build buildings within Monopoly Island.

  • Money is not spent directly to build buildings.

There are 4 types of resources: dump trucks (red), cranes (purple), excavators (green), and boats (yellow). Each type has its maximum quantity of 20.

The Bank has the resource tray to hold the resources.

Collecting Resources

You can earn and collect resources by landing on certain board spaces or by your properties.

In most cases, you collect 2 resources of a same type.

From Board Spaces

There are 3 kinds of resource board spaces to collect resources.

  • Collect 2 Resources
  • Roll for Resources
  • Steal 1 Resource

You can also collect resources on any board spaces that are on the ground.

From Properties

If a number rolled matches a number on your unmortgaged property card, collect resources according to that property card.

  • If a number matches multiple unmortgaged properties, you collect more resources according to those properties.

Limit of 6 at the start of your turn

When a player is starting their turn in Step 1, they must drop resources if they have more than 6. They choose any resources to drop until they reach 6. The excess resources will be placed on a board space that a player is on before leaving.

  • The dropped resources can be stacked or one-by-one, but they all have to fit on one board space.

If a player rolls a double, they will take another turn and they DO NOT NEED to drop their resources when taking another turn.

During subsequent steps (Steps 2-7), a player can carry more than 6 resources.

Resources on the ground

Throughout the game, you will see resources placed on board spaces. Oftentimes, players have drop those resources to get to the starting limit of 6.

When you reach a board space that has resources on the ground, pick them up. This is done in Step 4.

  • You can pick up for multiple board spaces in one turn.

Lack of Resources

Sometimes, the Bank has run out of resources. When you earn a type of resource but there is none of that type from the Bank at a time, you do not collect that type of resources as of that time.

You hope that players will drop their excess resources or use their resources to build so that you can get a type that you wanted.

  • This is like waiting for players to sell their Houses or Hotels in regular Monopoly so that you can build Houses for your streets.


During Step 5, you can trade resources with the Bank or with other players.

Trading with the Bank, you give 4 of one type of resources to get 1 of another type.

  • When you land on Free Parking, you can give just 2 of one type of resources to get 1 of another type.

Negotiating to another player, you can give any number of any type(s) of resources to get any number of another type(s) of resources. Also, you can give money, properties, and/or “Get Out of Jail Free” Chance cards to get the resources that you desire.

How to Build

Building Blocks and a Penthouse

You can build in Step 6 during your turn. You can build only on your turn.

  • NOTE: You cannot build when it is somebody else’s turn. This is unlike in regular Monopoly.

You build buildings with your own resources. You can build a new building of your own or you can grow your existing buildings.

Different Floors

Different floors require different resources. A builder has to use all the required resources at once to build a floor. The higher the floor, the “stricter” the requirements of resources will be.

  1. 1st floor: [any] + [any]
  2. 2nd floor: [any] + [any] + [any]
  3. 3rd floor: Dump Truck + Excavator + [any]
  4. 4th floor: Crane + Boat + Boat

The “[any]” is that you can utilize any 1 of the 4 types of resources.


Once you have the 4 floors of your building, you can build a penthouse on top of this building.

To build a penthouse, you need to use (all at once):

  • Dump Truck + Crane + Excavator + Boat + [any]

There’s only 1 penthouse provided in a game, so there will be only 1 player that will have the only penthouse.

Once any player builds a penthouse on their building, the game ends instantly.

Building Rules

You can build as many floors in any one of your buildings or as many “small” buildings in your single turn as your resources allow.

When building, follow these rules:

  • Only 1 color is allowed per building, so there are no mixed colors in a single building.
  • Up to 4 floors can be built in a single building. You cannot build 5 or more regular floors in a building.
  • A penthouse can be built on top of a building only if that building has 4 regular floors.
  • You cannot move your building to another location (especially in order to get a bonus for having adjacent buildings).

Once a building or a floor has been built, it cannot be deconstructed. It cannot be removed to sell for money (or resources). Therefore, build wisely.

Builder Points

If you build a building, you will gain builder points.

Generally, the more you build, the more building points you will get.

Even better, the taller a building, the more building points that that building has.

Ending the Game

The game will end instantly when a player builds a penthouse. Once the game ends, all players will stop playing and will start scoring to determine the winner of the game.

Builder Points

Having Buildings

Players will count their own buildings.

  1. Building with 1 floor: 1 Builder Point
  2. 2 floors: 3 Builder Points
  3. 3 floors: 6 Builder Points
  4. 4 floors: 10 Builder Points
  5. Building with a Penthouse: 16 Builder Points

Owning Color Sets

In addition, a player will gain additional builder points if they hold a complete color set of both properties.

  • Brown, Light Blue: 2 Builder Points per set
  • Pink, Orange: 3 Builder Points per set
  • Red, Yellow: 4 Builder Points per set
  • Green, Dark Blue: 5 Builder Points per set

Builders’ Bonuses

The 2 Builder’s Bonus cards will be applied for scoring.

  • Billionaire Builder
    • A player with the most cash at the end of the game will receive 3 Builder Points.
  • Community Builder
    • If you have the biggest neighborhood on Monopoly Island, you will receive 5 Builder Points. Here’s how this bonus works:
      • Buildings you own that are next to each other (next door) count as part of the same neighborhood.
      • Buildings that are on a diagonal do not count.

Final Scoring

NOTE: The resources on hand and incomplete color sets have no Builder Points.

The player with the most Builder Points accumulated wins the game.

  • If there’s a tie for most points, the tied player with the most money wins.