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Monopoly Boutique Edition, colloquially known as the Pink Boutique Edition and The Pink Monopoly, as it is all pink, was published in 2007 by Hasbro.

This edition of Monopoly (which was a Toys R Us exclusive item for the Holiday 2007 season in the US) comes with an assortment of borderline-cliched items aimed at girls, including a pink board and dice, a keepsake box for storage (which also serves as a jewelry box, complete with mirror), Boutiques and Malls (instead of Houses and Hotels), and Instant Message and Text Message cards in lieu of Chance and Community Chest cards, respectively. Shopping Spree replaces Income Tax, but works the same way (with the 10% option at the time of release), and Cell Phone Bill replaces Luxury Tax, and was still $75 (at the time of release). The Railroads are replaced with transportation spaces, and the Utilities are replaced with Cell Phone Service Provider (Electric Company) and Internet Service Provider (Water Works), respectively, like the Here and Now Edition.

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