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Baltic Avenue
Rent $4.
     With 1 House $20.
     With 2 Houses  $60.
     With 3 Houses  $180.
     With 4 Houses  $320.
With HOTEL $450

Mortgage Value $30.
Houses cost $50. each
Hotels, $50. plus 4 houses

If a player owns ALL the lots of any Color-Group, the rent is Doubled on Unimproved Lots in that group.

Baltic Avenue is the third space and the second property on the Monopoly board. Its rents are usually double those of Mediterranean Avenue, the other property in the Brown color set, Unlike Mediterranean, Baltic Avenue can be bought on the first turn without having to pass Go at least once. Its British counterpart is Whitechapel Road.


  • Rent: $4
  • Monopoly Rent: $8
  • Rent with:
    • 1 House: $20
    • 2 Houses: $60
    • 3 Houses: $180
    • 4 Houses: $320
    • 1 Hotel: $450


  • Printed Price: $60
  • Mortgage Value: $30
  • Building Costs: $50 each

Mega Edition

Skyscraper rent is $950, and Baltic is usually acquired earlier than in a standard game.

Monopoly Deal

  • 1 Brown Property Owned--1M
  • 2 Owned------------------------2M
  • With House---------------------5M
  • With All--------------------------9M



Baltic Avenue is altogether better than its counterpart, Mediterranean Avenue, but still low-tier compared to other properties. With a highest possible rent of $450, it carries significantly more intimidation than Mediterranean Avenue, which has a highest possible rent of $250. When both Properties have Hotels, it can be hard for players to keep their $200 salary from passing Go, as landing on Mediterranean Avenue, Baltic Avenue, or Income Tax will result in a loss of $200 or greater. However, it should not be used as the main strategy to bankrupt someone.


  • Baltic Avenue has been referenced on Homestar Runner. In the DVD Commentary for the cartoon "Experimental Film, made for They Might Be Giants, Strong Bad says, "Man! I wish I woulda swiped some of that black and white cash!" Strong Sad promptly shouts out that the money was Monopoly money. However, Strong Bad remains unfazed, and remarks, "Black and white Monopoly money! That stuff is priceless! I'd be livin' on Baltic Avenue!"
  • According to Hasbro, in 1972, the Atlantic City Commissioner of Public Works threatened to change the names of the real Baltic and Mediterranean Avenue, but public outcry vetoed the bill.
  • Baltic Avenue has the 2nd highest value of any place when fully built, at 72.6%, barely behind Boardwalk at 72.7%. When Mediterranean Avenue only has 4 houses, it goes to 78.94%, with Boardwalk actually lower at 78.43%, making it the best percentage-wise with in this configuration (and only this configuration).


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"Baltic Ave. is better than the other Brown Property. Rents are doubled in Baltic."

"Baltic Ave. is the Hoboken of Monopoly. It is never an end-game property and only should be acquired in petty trades. Brandon Baker's strategies are amateur at best. Buying Baltic will never cut it in the professional scene."

"Baltic Ave. pairs well with the Dark Blues for controlling the GO corner since it's cheap to but houses and only a couple players need to land on it to return investment, it's a great backup plan for a risk Dark Blue Property play."

"Baltic Avenue is decent as a way to suck some money out of players passing Go, but it shouldn't be its own strategy to try and win the game."