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B. & O. Railroad


$ 25.
     If 2 R.R.'s are owned $ 50.
     If 3 R.R's are owned                  $ 100.
     If 4 R.R's are owned                  $ 200.

     Mortgage Value


B. & O. Railroad, short for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, is the third Railroad on a standard Monopoly Board. It is situated between Illinois Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. It is one of four Railroads, along with Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, and Short Line.

Confusingly, the real-life B&O Railroad did not directly serve Atlantic City.

Its British equivalent is Fenchurch Street.


Like the other three railroads, B&O's Rent is based on how many Railroads you own. The rent if...

  • 1 Railroad Owned: $25
  • 2 Railroads Owned: $50
  • 3 Railroads Owned: $100
  • 4 Railroads Owned: $200.

Cost: $200


B. & O. Railroad is potent when paired with at least 2 other Railroads. With a lowest possible rent of $25, it is a weak property by itself and should not be used as a standalone method of bankrupting players. However, when paired with the other 3 Railroads, rent can increase to a much better $200. If the player is sent to a Railroad by a Chance card, rent is increased to a hefty $400. If no other Railroads can be obtained, B. & O. Railroad can be used for trading with players.


Pacific locomotive, President Washington, B&O RR (CJ Allen, Steel Highway, 1928).jpg
A B. & O. RR 1928 4-6-2 steam locomotive