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Monopoly: Atlanta Braves Collector's Edition is a licensed Monopoly variant first published by USAopoly in 2006 and featuring Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves.

Publisher's Description

"The Monopoly Brand proudly presents the Atlanta Braves™ Collector’s Edition of America’s favorite board game. Braves fans now have the opportunity to buy, sell and trade Braves players, coaches, announcers and team icons. Features legendary Braves players like Hank Aaron, John Smoltz and Andruw Jones. Includes six collectible pewter tokens: Braves hat, batter, pitcher, ball in glove, Georgia dog and the Atlanta Braves tomahawk. With some of the all-time greatest Major League Baseball players and a bright future ahead, the Braves continue to make for exciting play in this timeless game of risk taking and deal making. Bankrupt your opponents in a quest to own the Braves."