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Not to be confused with the Space Edition, published by Hasbro Gaming.

Monopoly Astronomy is a licensed variant of the property trading board game, Monopoly, published by USAopoly under license by Hasbro. As the name would imply, it is based on astronomy and space.



The properties have changed to different features in space. You can buy different comets, planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and more.

Houses and Hotels[]

The houses are the same but their color is now black. The hotels are now white.

Monopoly Money[]

The money has a new look with planets on the notes.

Railway Stations[]

The four Railway stations are now four different space stations or observation domes.


The utilities are now two major telescope manufacturers.

Chance and Community Chest[]

The cards have been changed to match the theme: The Chance cards are now 'Moons' and the Community Chest cards are 'Suns'.


The 6 new customized pewter tokens are:

  • lawn chair
  • Meade telescope
  • pair of Meade binoculars
  • space telescope
  • radio telescope
  • space observation dome


Some other things the game includes are game information, and booklets about space and astronomy. The booklet has a bit of information about each property.