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Anti-Monopoly was a response to Monopoly first released in 1974 by Professor Ralph Anspach. Hasbro tried to get Anspach to stop making it, using the fact that the word "Monopoly" is in the title, and a 10-year legal battle began, during which the "original" history of Monopoly was uncovered (the one which was different from the Parker Brothers-published story that Charles Darrow came up with it all on his own). Anspach would later detail this legal battle in his book The Billion Dollar Monopoly Swindle.[1] Anti-Monopoly continued to be published during that time under the shortened name "Anti".


Anti-Monopoly is similar to Monopoly, but with one major division: at the start, all players are evenly divided into "Competitors" and "Monopolists." Competitors can build on any street they own, and build 4 houses before building an apartment, receive the same rent for transport companies no matter how many they own, and generally receive less money at a time, but lose less at a time. Monopolists can build only in cities they have monopolized (they own 2 or more streets), can only build 3 houses before an apartment, and generally receive more money at a time, but they tend to lose more.


  • The Go space is labeled "Start." You collect $100 for passing it or landing on it.
  • The Jail space has 3 spaces in one: "Sightseeing Tour," "Price War," a Jail for Competitors, and "Prison." Monopolists are sent to Prison. While there, they can't collect rents.
  • Free Parking is now the "Anti-Monopoly Foundation." If you are:
    • A Competitor, roll one die. If you rolled a 1, collect $25. If you rolled a 2, collect $50.
    • A Monopolist, pay $160.


Each pile is for one group of players. The cards are different from Chance and Community Chest in that they try to represent real situations, and some offer no reward or penalty at all, such as the Competitor card that says, "Congratulations on your moral victory!"


Through the years, Anti-Monopoly has been published by different companies, sometimes under different names, due to the legal battle with Parker Brothers.

  • Anti-Monopoly (Ralph Anspach Edition 1973)
  • Anti-Monopoly (National Games - Second Edition - 1983)
  • Anti-Monopoly II
  • Anti (1976 - 1982)
  • Choice (1976 - 1982)
  • Anti-Monopoly 35th Anniversary Edition
  • Anti-Monopoly Travel Tin Edition (University Games 2010)

Other Games[]

The author of the game, Ralph Anspach, created another game, that wasn't as closely related, but was still called Anti-Monopoly in some parts of the world.  This game was about Nuclear War.

  • Anti-Monopoly III
  • Anti-Monopoly III: Washington-Moskau (1987)
  • Star Peace: Anti Nuclear War (1987)