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American National Parks Edition of the Monopoly game features 22 of the most visited National Parks in the United States of America. There is a complete listing of the properties and their prices below.

Not to be confused with the National Parks Edition or the My National Parks Edition.


Monopoly Americas National Parks Edition


The properties are now the many natural features of the USA. The Properties and their prices are listed below.

  • Badlands-$60
  • Wind Cave-$60
  • Lake Mead-$200
  • Death Valley-$100
  • Bryce Canyon-$100
  • Sequoia-$120
  • Hawaii Volcanoes-$140
  • Night Sky-$150
  • Everglades-$140
  • Shenandoah-$160
  • Gulf Islands-$200
  • Mt. Rainier-$180
  • Joshua Tree-$180
  • Glacier-$200
  • Mammoth Cave-$220
  • Grand Teton-$220
  • Acadia-$240
  • Delaware Water Gap-$200
  • Zion-$260
  • Cuyahoga Valley-$260
  • Old Faithful-$150
  • Yellowstone-$280
  • Rocky Mountain-$300
  • Olympic-$300
  • Yosemite-$320
  • Cape Cod-$200
  • Grand Canyon-$350
  • Great Smoky Mountains-$400



The 6 pewter tokens have been changed as well. The tokens are now:

  • A camera, representing tourism
  • A hiking shoe, representing daywalks and nightwalks
  • A mountain bicycle, representing cycling
  • A tent, representing camping
  • A canoe, representing canoe-paddling
  • A fishing reel, representing fishing


Monopoly Americas National Parks Edition board